Legends MMA – Inaugural Grading

In November 2018, Legends MMA held its first ever grading event since the gym officially
opened less than 6 months ago. As Legends MMA grew over the last few months it was great to
see the amazing turnout and it was humbling to see how strong the Legends MMA family has
grown in a short time.

There were a number of members at the gym who came in with a lot of existing training under
our head coach David Younan, who were therefore overdue for their belts since joining Legends
MMA. Ninos Dammo, head of the Australian Elite Team, joined us to promote four new blue
belts on the night.

The night was also highlighted by Legends MMA head coach, David Younan, receiving his 1st
degree black belt – marking 3 years of experience as a black belt!