All Things in Balance – Muay Thai in the Corporate World

Martial arts training is more accessible than ever in today’s world. Nearly every major city in the world has a Muay Thai gym where locals flock to learn the world’s most popular combat sport. Muay Thai has seen an explosion of popularity recently due to its prominence in MMA. Due to its popularity, many people are driven to learn Muay Thai, drawn in by its completeness as a striking art, and reliance on tried and true techniques.

For such a physical activity, it would almost make sense if this sport drew the popularity of a small, niche market. However, people from all walks of life are becoming interested in Muay Thai – and in particular, people from the corporate world.

But why would corporate workers be interested in Muay Thai, and how would they benefit?

Muay Thai is a highly effective method for people to improve their lives in all aspects – including in their careers


Studies have been showing for years how physical activity positively affects people in all areas of their life. As blood circulation to the brain is improved, people are mentally sharper, more energised, and more confident. It also makes for a healthier body, able to handle various demands of life. In the corporate world, for a person to balance long working hours with simultaneously handling many tasks at once, it helps to make sure you’re at your optimal best. “Martial arts really keeps me mentally sharp,” says Cindy, a banking and financial analyst.

Another reason for taking up Muay Thai is because of the personal growth it fosters


This personal growth gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Vanessa, another member of Legends MMA in Melbourne CBD trains martial arts as a way of personal growth. She claims learning martial arts helped her get out of her shell and started her on a personal journey. “In Martial Arts everyone has their own style and that nobody you train with is the same – and through this I learnt the importance of being myself,”

One of the greatest gifts people receive from martial arts is not just knowing how to fight, but it’s the feeling of watching themselves grow and evolve as people. That’s the thing that draws many people to martial arts – being able to see themselves overcome a challenge. As Cindy says, “Personal growth is really important to me which is my main motivation. There’s always ups and down in my training. I sometimes give into the negative feelings and sometimes I just park those thoughts and train away and I’m always so elated for persevering and pushing myself.”

Muay Thai brings balance to one’s hectic life


The self-improvement that Muay Thai offers is appealing to people from all walks of life. In the case of corporate workers, Muay Thai brings balance to one’s hectic work life with an intense physical activity like nothing else out there. Vanessa says her motivation for learning Muay Thai is, “always wanting to better myself – my gains in cardio, strength, and technique have been go-ing through the roof.”

With the popularity of the UFC, Muay Thai has gained mainstream popularity which has made many people want to try martial arts, creating a lot of opportunity for gyms like Legends MMA in the Melbourne CBD to offer the best experience to their members. Many corporate workers are finding their decision to make Muay Thai into a serious passion of theirs was a gradual one, start-ing out with them just trying out a class.

“I would come into the gym and watch my friend train and one day decided to give it a go myself and I became hooked,” says Vanessa. “I just wish I started earlier!”

Despite their seeming difference on the surface, Muay Thai has a lot to offer people in the corpo-rate world. Because at the end of the whether you’re a banker or a UFC fighter, you’re still a hu-man being. Muay Thai, and martial arts in general, is meant to benefit anyone who wishes to practice it.